AMKmotion – Pacesetter and Front Runner in the Drive and Control Technology

AMKmotion GmbH + Co KG (formerly: AMK Arnold Müller GmbH & Co. KG), headquartered in Kirchheim unter Teck, Germany, was acquired by Arburg shareholders Juliane Hehl, Michael Hehl and Renate Keinath in 2021. The portfolio of AMK's former "Drives & Automation" division comprises the areas of electric drive technology, control technology and industrial automation technology, in which AMK has been one of the market and technology leaders for five decades. Whether servo motors, intelligent servo inverters or PLC controls - the innovations from Kirchheim unter Teck ensure progress in numerous industries.

The know-how and passion of our about 500 employees worldwide set the machines, systems, and automobiles of our customers in motion. Day after day.

Research and Development

Numerous landmark AMKmotion developments have formed the market of the electrical drive and control technology. AMKmotion is very proud of providing the impetus, to move the sectors of industry of its customers by means of innovations in order to further advance technological progress. To be able to perform pioneering work, the research and development area at AMKmotion is particularly pronounced. Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies and engineers and specialists with first-class training, every new challenge can be accepted in a calm and composed way. The engineers and technicians at AMKmotion use all of their knowledge and expertise to work on new solutions and technologies to the benefit of AMKmotion customers. Ideas, invention, imagination and experience once again create innovative products and solutions that move the world. AMKmotions declared goal is to develop innovative drive and control technology on a high technological level and with a very distinct customer benefit. This allows AMKmotion to make its customers successful!


The success of a company is created by the employees working in it. Hence, the employees contribute their share to the success of the AMKmotion with a lot of know-how and dedication. The active promotion of employees, a healthy corporate climate and an atmosphere of trust - that is the breeding ground for innovative ideas. This creates innovations at AMKmotion which provide drive and motion all over the world. The number of employees has continually increased until now to approx. about 500 employees worldwide. To be able to continue maintaining the high level of qualified employees in the future, AMKmotion trains junior employees every year. The transfer to a lasting job after successful completion of the vocational training is attempted by AMKmotion and an important offer for adolescents. Internships and Master's Theses are also available to students to gain practical experience at AMKmotion.



Quality management is very important at AMKmotion and practiced by every single employee. From work preparation via development and manufacturing up to sales and service. Every employee is aware of his or her role to support the quality of the products and, therefore, the satisfaction of the customer. The AMKmotion plants are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Constant internal checks ensure a high quality standard. Every product leaving the company goes through a company-intensive quality check with highly technical measuring and test equipment. This ensures that only flawless products reach the customer.Only high-quality products can survive on the market in the long run and meet the requirements of the customer.


Protection of the enviroment

For AMKmotion, sustainable protection of the environment is a key business objective. AMKmotion wants to ensure that it is fully able to take on its responsibility to reconcile economic challenges with ecological requirements - and that the company leads by example in doing so. As part of the ÖKOPROFIT project, AMKmotion’s senior managers and employees intend to work together to actively initiate improvements at the AMKmotion site, based on the "Local Agenda 21" initiative. Environmental protection concerns all employees. A high degree of environmental awareness is achieved though training. We act proactively: With provisions made for environmental protection, all production processes, from the individual part to the finished product, are executed with due regard to the ascertained environmental and energy aspects. An existing contingency plan guarantees safe action in exceptional situations. The AMKmotion plants are certified according to ISO14001:2015.

Action plan:

The highly innovative drive and control technology products manufactured by AMKmotion already meet today’s stringent requirements in terms of energy usage and environmental friendliness, and particular attention will be paid to sustaining and even improving this during ongoing product development. Optimizing operational processes and activities should not only reduce the use of resources and energy, but also make optimum use of existing sources of energy and resources. Environmentally-friendly developments are being implemented in production processes. In terms of purchasing raw, auxiliary and operating materials, we are committed to using products which do not harm the environment. When selecting suppliers, we apply both economic and ecological criteria, seeking out for example environmentally-friendly production processes and short transport routes. For us, the key to ensuring that quality requirements regarding the environment are met is to make sure that we comply with the relevant legal specifications and regulations. Our holistic approach also makes provision for employee information and motivation. Continuous professional development and ongoing provision of information will enable us to make improvements on both an economic and an ecological basis.